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The Luxury Brick Hotel :D

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The Luxury Brick Hotel :D

Post  _iknowitall_ on February 12th 2011, 11:58 am

It all started when I went to this new land. Which one? Builder land! I've been tired of the usual sweeps in main, its not that I don't like them but it gets tiring at times. So in builder land, I met Macdon another builder at the time, and he had an idea. In my head I was sure he was crazy and we couldn't built this. So we gave it a shot, might as well, what do we have to lose right? So after the last floor, what do you know? WE FINISHED! This hotel was such a success I had to brag! Hehehe I'm not sure if it was tripacer or blacky_chan: okay okay we know its special. Hehe I apologized, but that comes to show, how much fun you can have even if you think its impossible. I was suprised we got residents too, Macdon,ME(iknowitall),Darth,NZjacksparrow,Balloonguy,Emiliobadelio,joshiebro. Theres two rooms still left if anybody wants in.

*Update* There is more floors now, and more rooms, it has been topped with an elegant observation deck. I dont know why, but this hotel should be complete by now, everybody is trying to chip in or something hehe. I always see something new there and here the next day Very Happy I'll put in the update photo later

*Update Photo*


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