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Texture pack DOES make a difference!

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Texture pack DOES make a difference!

Post  Flegmatica on July 15th 2011, 9:40 pm


Are you still playing with that default texture pack? I've seen some people telling me that some buildings look bad! Well, that's not because the building looks bad, that's because you are using default minecraft texture pack! After all, the looks of minecraft depends only on one thing - texture packs!

I know some of you might think that it will make your computer lag and all that. You are totally right! These HD packs do make your minecraft laggy but there are also a lot of 16px texture packs that are really magnificent! For example i have been using Painterly Pack for 2 months now and i can only say its the best! (You can customize EVERY SINGLE texture seperatly on their homepage btw, and there is LOT to choose from!)


Texture Pack

Wich one will you choose?


Oh and if anyone is interested you can download my custom Painterly 16x texture pack from HERE

To install Texture pack open Minecraft -> Mods and Texture Packs -> Open texture pack folder -> copy and paste Texture Pack .rar there, you dont need to extract it.

If you want to install bigger than 16x texture packs get MC Patcher from HERE. There is also detailed tutorial there how to install it!
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