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Post  aussieakito on July 17th 2011, 10:46 am

There i was building my shop, minding my own business, when i started to hear dogs barking.. at first i thought that it was just my imagination.. but then i heard it over and over .. so i went into the house next door to my shop .. also next door to my house .... and heard the dogs even louder ... i broke a brick to get under ground .. to find my self being starred at by 2 tammed wolves ... i didnt know it was possible to get animals or any kind of mod on the beta server .. i dont know whos house they were in .. but who ever tammed them also made then a little hide out in the hopes that noone would find them .. their tales where almost fully to the ground so me and sexy granny decided to rescue them... we started digging out and givving the dogs pork chops so that their health would be better... eventually sexy granny got the dogs out .. but it is still a mystery on how this person got the wolves on beta and who this person is .. the house is on the end of sam street .. between my house and my store ..

lol! aussieakito
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