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HI im morkov4e

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HI im morkov4e

Post  Morkov4e on August 28th 2011, 4:02 am

Hi guys im new Very Happy i want to play Minecraft and i love minecraft Very Happy <3 i also love the server Very Happy so today i was banned (28.2011) because i hollowed a house i tried to explain that to the owner cause the guy griefed my hole house and left the name on it so thats why i holoowed it i want to say that im so sory i did that cause i was very very very angry to that guy so im realy realy sory fot doing that im realy frendly guy i want to build and help other but the grefers ?? i realy hate them they griefed my hole house and made tunels xD so i want to say to the owner to unban me if he wants cause thats why i hollowed a house Sad im so sory im a frendly guy....Thanks pirat

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Re: HI im morkov4e

Post  DrowsySam on August 28th 2011, 6:23 am

I unbanned, last warning Smile (moving topic to unban appeals)
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