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ZDF has a lot to say.

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ZDF has a lot to say.

Post  ZDF on October 3rd 2011, 8:11 am

Finally the outside of it is complete.
Look... i know i used creative mode to make 3/4 of it but im going back to survival mode and i want everyone else to be playing legit again... As you can see, i made it look as legit as possible by using easily obtained blocks like planks and cobble. I could have made this on survival but it would taken much longer. I know right now Sam let lots of other people go on creative mode just because i was on creative mode. Please if you have spawned stuff and stashed them away in hidden chests, please throw them in lava or something. I dont want to put in all that effort to see that people are playing creative mode now. Also please i want everyone to clean of every mess they see. I want the map to stay looking good for as long as possible. Last map got ruined. I dont want the same to happen to this one. Also it seems that most people aren't putting enough effort into building and more effort into just mining for diamonds and iron. Dont you want to move out of those little square wooden plank houses? Maybe you should demolish them and make a better one in its place. Also use a mixture of blocks when making houses like i do. The shops could look a little better and we dont need anymore. Also, im selling my old house along with the farm, mine and rails for 2 stacks of iron.
Thank you. Just had to speak what's on my mind. Im just trying to get people to care about the town as much as i do.

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Re: ZDF has a lot to say.

Post  aussieakito on October 3rd 2011, 8:24 am

yea sam its time for a rooten tooten clean out again .. Very Happy .. i stayed on survival cause im G like that

lol! aussieakito
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