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12w03a - 12w08a Updates

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12w03a - 12w08a Updates

Post  DarthBoredom on February 26th 2012, 11:44 am

Here's all the major updates:

New Mobs:

(12w04a) Ocelot/Cat (NEW)
Tameable with raw fish, and can be bred with raw fish.
Only spawns in jungle biomes.
Cats have three default textures.
Cats can be told to sit or can hunt chickens.
Creepers will run from cats/ocelots.

(12w08a) Iron Golem
Created when you make a T shape of iron blocks and a pumpkin on top.
Naturally spawns in villages with 15+ villagers.
Attacks neutral/hostile mobs, but not creepers.
Has a massive health bar, and can even kill groups of Endermen.
Gives roses to villagers.

Mob Changes

(12w03a) New pathfinding AI.
(12w04a) Runs into shade when is burning from sunlight.
(12w06a) Chases and attacks villagers.
(12w06a) Breaks down doors on hard.
(12w06a) Has a chance to drop an Iron Ingot, Iron Helmet, Iron Shovel or Iron Sword.

(12w03a) New AI.
(12w03a) Breedable with any meat.

(12w04a) Runs into shade when is burning from sunlight.

Map Format

New "Anvil" map format.
Biomes are saved per x/z column, meaning it can be altered by tools.

Cave sounds, or ambience, can be heard in SMP. Time to mine in twos.
Max building height doubled, bug where ambience will play at 129+.

Blocks & Items

Oak saplings have a darker texture.
Dispensers have a "higher" texture.

Redstone Lamp
Created from a glowstone block and four redstone dust pieces.
Levers are used to turn them on.
Good for warehouses... xD

Fire Charge
Created from (char)coal, blaze powder and gunpowder, made in threes.
Inefficient replacement for flint and steel.
Can be shot from dispensers like blaze fireballs.
Same texture as ghast or blaze fireballs.

Bottle o' Enchanting
Thrown like a splash potion.
It leaves a random (but small) amount of EXP.

Spawn Ocelot
Spawns an ocelot. That's all. It's yellow with black spots.

Other Crap

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