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Imagine a mod like this existed xD

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Imagine a mod like this existed xD

Post  DarthBoredom on July 15th 2012, 9:49 am

Some sort of biome-detector mod which makes it more harder to live in some climates.

If biomes affected furnace time:
Base: 10 seconds for one item
Forest: 8 seconds
Desert: 6 seconds
Ocean: 12 seconds
River: 10 seconds
Tundra: 20 seconds + 5 seconds of starting up
Taiga: 15 seconds + 4 seconds of starting up
Jungle: 10 seconds
Swamp: 15 seconds
Mountains: 12 seconds
Mushroom Land: 8 seconds

If biomes affected grass growing.
Base: 100%
Forest: 100%
Desert: 25%
Ocean: 30%
River: 30%
Tundra: 40%
Taiga: 75%
Jungle: 120%
Swamp: 133%
Mountains: 75%
Mushroom Land: 80%

If biomes affected how fast crops grow.
Base: 100%
Forest: 133%
Desert: 10%
Ocean: 133%
River: 120%
Tundra: 50%
Taiga: 60%
Jungle: 175%
Swamp: 90%
Mountains: 75%
Mushroom Land: 100%

If biomes affected how fast mobs were:
Base: 100%
Forest: 100%
Desert: 133%
Ocean: 60%
River: 80%
Tundra: 50%
Taiga: 75%
Jungle: 107%
Swamp: 75%
Mountains: 100%
Mushroom Land: 60%

If biomes affected how fast mobs spawned. xD
Base: 100%
Forest: 130%
Desert: 200%
Ocean: 10%
River: 25%
Tundra: 50%
Taiga: 50%
Jungle: 130%
Swamp: 75%
Mountains: 50%
Mushroom Land: 0% (Mooshrooms: 150%)

If biomes affected how fast trees grew:
Base: All 100%
Forest: Oak-150% Birch-133% Pine-80% Jungle-25% Mushroom-15%
Desert: Oak-50% Birch-10% Pine-10% Jungle-5% Mushroom-15%
Ocean: Oak-100% Birch-100% Pine-50% Jungle-25% Mushroom-50%
River: Oak-75% Birch-75% Pine-100% Jungle-25% Mushroom-50%
Tundra: Oak-80% Birch-50% Pine-175% Jungle-10% Mushroom-5%
Taiga: Oak-100% Birch-50% Pine-150% Jungle-15% Mushroom-20%
Jungle: Oak-133% Birch-80% Pine-25% Jungle-200% Mushroom-75%
Swamp: Oak-100% Birch-80% Pine-25% Jungle-30% Mushroom-110%
Mountains: Oak-100% Birch-80% Pine-100% Jungle-25% Mushroom-15%
Mushroom Land: Oak-100% Birch-100% Pine-50% Jungle-25% Mushroom-1000%

Imagine if there was a mod which changed the way things work in biomes.

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