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I know there's a new website. I can't post on it yet.

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I know there's a new website. I can't post on it yet.

Post  bobby1279 on August 18th 2012, 1:11 am

I have made a London Underground style clay soldiers battle arena. This was made for a YouTube group called AtamZoneTopMarks. Here are pictures.

The enterance.

The station that the battle takes place.

The station platform.

The sign above the platform

The inside of the train. (NOTE: This is not the actual arena. It is a replicia. The real one is inside a simulator I made to simulate the train moving through the tunnel.)

The actual arena inside the simulator.

I paid attention to detail. All of the signs on the train match.

The lights on the simulator wall.

Behind the wall.

Again, more attention to detail.

So. Many. Pigs. And right outside the station too.

Can you find YOUR favorite line?

This guy will give you 1 emerald for 23 coal. Nice! Very Happy

Click the link below to download the map!
mediafire.com download.php?aavpj5691l1hluj
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